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Sacramento Real Estate Law Attorney

It is an understatement to say that the real estate market in Sacramento County and throughout California has been volatile the past several years. Homeowners have seen market values plunge and equity disappear, leaving them "under water" and facing pivotal decisions involving foreclosure, potential short sales and other issues. Others are evaluating high-value, long-term California property investments and need savvy guidance focused on protecting their interests in this challenging time.

Legal and Financial Guidance for Real Property Transactions and Disputes

California real estate law is complex, detail-intensive and paperwork-heavy. When you must cope with a problem or make a decision involving a major residential property transaction, the benefits of working with a skilled lawyer who also knows the market and the business of real estate can be a tremendous asset.

If you need to make a decision about a short sale or have other real estate needs, please visit our real estate business site for more information.

Attorney Matt Corsaut and the Corsaut Law Group offer:

Short sale consultations to address whether a short sale or some other action is the best way to deal with your financially underwater home.

Careful evaluation of your rights and options when facing a California home foreclosure including experienced representation in a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit if justified.

Representation in nondisclosure cases that may require a lawsuit against a co-owner, seller or real estate agent including those arising from construction defects, water leaks, mold and other problems discovered after your home purchase.

Comprehensive protection of your interests in a home sale or purchase, with adept handling of all closing documents, disclosure forms and other legal requirements.

Counsel and representation in landlord-tenant disputes involving eviction, landlord negligence, lease terms and other issues.

Benefit From the Knowledge of a Lawyer and Licensed Real Estate Broker

In addition to bringing decades of experience in the California real estate business to each case and client situation, our attorney Matt Corsaut serves as panel counsel for one of the largest risk management and insurance service companies in the state. His recent accomplishments include successful pursuit of a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit against a major multinational bank.

If you need a Sacramento real estate law lawyer equipped to represent you in all aspects of a home purchase or sale, you can turn to us at Corsaut Law Group. If you are involved in a dispute and need help evaluating your range of options and taking action, we encourage you to start with an attorney consultation focused squarely on your needs.

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