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Sacramento Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Elk Grove and Throughout Northern California

Many disputes between rental property owners and tenants are intensely contested and difficult to resolve favorably without skilled legal counsel. Whether you want to assert your rights as a tenant or a landlord, and whether the dispute involves residential or commercial property, we will welcome your call to us at Corsaut Law Group .

Guidance and Action on Leases, Evictions, Negligence and Damage Claims

Matthew A. Corsaut is a metro Sacramento landlord-tenant attorney known to our clients and many legal professionals for his extensive knowledge of California real estate law, business issues and civil litigation. He brings balance, financial savvy and clear emphasis on value to matters such as:

Eviction procedures made necessary by nonpayment of rent or other lease violations

Pursuit of or defense against claims involving water intrusion and damage, collapsed ceilings, mold infestation and other issues of habitability, maintenance and landlord obligations

Commercial lease drafting, review, analysis and negotiations

We will hear you out on the landlord-tenant dispute or issue that concerns you, work to fully understand your perspective and offer a thorough assessment of your rights and legal options. You can depend on counsel in clear language to help you make the best possible decisions for protection of your personal, family or business interests.

Learn Your Rights and Legal Options Today

You can count on Corsaut Law Group for guidance and representation with integrity. This includes advising you accordingly if we believe your landlord-tenant claim is unlikely to succeed or the costs of litigation make pursuing it financially risky. To speak directly with a lawyer prepared to analyze your situation and help you make the soundest possible decisions, call or e-mail our law group today.

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